Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a condition where certain parts of the skin darken compared to the rest of the skin. The condition is harmless and can be characterized by certain darker patches on the skin. While the name might not be well-known, very many people get this skin pigmentation condition. This condition can affect any part of the body like feet, face and hands. Whilst it can affect any race it’s quite common among certain ethnicity such as Latinos, Africans, Asians and Mediterranean.


Melanin is responsible for the normal color of the skin and Hyperpigmentation is a result of excess deposits of this pigmentation. This can happen usually because of either melanocytes become hyperactive or an unusually excess concentration of melanocytes. (A melanocyte is a mature cell that forms melanin found usually in the skin). For example, melanocytes can become hyperactive when one is over exposed to stimulants such as the sun. 

Some of the types of Hyperpigmentation are:

      This kind of skin discoloration is more prevalent among pregnant women. Common characteristics include splotchy darkened parts on the face but not near the eye areas. This kind of skin condition comes about from hormonal changes.

• Lentigo
      This is a freckle on the skin. Many freckles are referred to as Lentigenes. 

• Age spots

     They form because of damage to the skin through UVs. They are named so because they occur after many years of exposing the skin to the sun.

• Actinic keratosis
Other causes of this condition include being hereditary, medications such as antibiotics and anti-seizure drugs, skin injuries and inflammations. 


There is no known cure for Hyperpigmentation but there are certain ways of making these parts of the skin appear much lighter such as home remedies for skin lightening. But there are some scientific treatment that could be use too. Here as some of the treatment methods.

1. Topical Skin products. 

 These are skin lighting products that contain an ingredient called tyrosinose inhibitors. The ingredient can be chemically, synthetically produced or it can be extracted from natural resources. The ingredient works by stopping the body from producing tyrosinose that necessary for the production of melanin. Most skin care professionals recommended this product; however the success of the product is in line with the quality, rate of penetration and the concentration of the ingredients used in the product. This skin condition is a recurring one, which is why it’s suggested that you use products that have no side effects. You will be using these skin products all your life. Natural tyrosinose inhibitors have no effects and they are also the cheapest treatment to this skin condition. 

2. Chemical peeling. 

This is a procedure that is performed at the facilities of skin care professionals. Chemical solutions are applied to the skin that cause it to easily Peel off. This treatment usually varies and if not used carefully can cause an over stimulation of the production of melanin. It’s recommended that you use both topical skin products and this method for a more effective treatment of hyperpigmentation. It’s also more expansive than the former method and prices tend to go up if you use a doctor or aesthetician. 

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